Rise of the Obyriths

The Rebirth of Rigby Relano

Loregan, it seemed, was a spell construct created by Rigby Relano. In the event of Relano’s death, Loregan was programmed to take whatever steps necessary to bring Rigby back to life. To this end, the party had been subtley manipulated into providing him with the tools he needed—including providing a reason for kidnapping the people of South Drellis to collect Rigby’s soul.

Utilizing the machine beneath the ground of Mechanus, Loregan recombined the broken pieces of Rigby’s soul into the party. Finding that he could no longer contain the ritual—and realizing that the completion of the ritual would destroy him—Loregan attacked the group. However the ritual was completed, bringing Rigby back into the mortal realm and depowering Loregan into a familiar. Back on board the Dreadnaught, the party found that one of the eggs had hatched, birthing a young Formian queen who has been allowed to stay on board the boat.

With Rigby back—and with little to show for the party’s trip to Mechanus besides the Eladrin—the party returned to the Winter Court, planting the remaining Formian eggs in the realm. They planned to attack the Lord of Frost, who they believed to be a Obyrith in disguise. However, when they attacked the Lord, the party quickly realized two things: the Lord of Frost was the true leader of the Winter Court, and he was entirely too powerful for them. As they were distracted by the Lord’s attacks, the angel Pazreal appeared, cutting down Winston and stealing the Boon of Avandra. Pazreal revealed himself to be the Obyrith lord Pazuzu, who had fed the party bad information through his lieutenant on Carceri.

Ejected from the Winter Court by an enraged Lord of Frost, the party has turned their sights on the next potential ally for the war on the Obyriths—the primordials living in the Elemental City of Brass.

Devi has snake babies.

The party fought Modrons making enemies with both Modrons and Formians. We collected enough of the weapon to power Loreagain. We kept him alive long enough to make him go super saiyan. After powering up to full he slit Tusk’s throat.

The party decided to create a weapon instead of going after the Winter Court. Doing so might have brought back a familiar face.

We goin' to Mechanus ya'll!

We decided to go to Mechanus. We found formians and Modrons.

Baba Yaga's Hut
What's love got to do with it?

The party is in Baba Yaga’s hut, having discovered both the Blade of Surtur and the Boon of Avandra. Having killed one of the crone’s only daughters, the party must escape the hut without succumbing to the witch’s attacks.

From there, they will likely return to The Winter Court

Oris' Journal: Entry 3
The Mooncalf is Down

On the Boreas, we encountered one Philo Taylor Farnsworth, a navigator of the astral seas. As the ship descended to the surface of Sigil we saw the unspeaking Scraps the Bone Dog and a human in desert garb. The man’s name was Walfire the Foretold. He blathered some prophecy or another and scurried off.

The bone creature and I went into the town, amid the destruction from the portal openings and tried to find Anders and Devi. Success! Upon the reunion we headed to the Harmonium, the largest policing group in Sigil along with the Fraternity of Order, who are also known as the Governors. Once inside their tower, we met a desk clerk who was giving glowing reviews of the Autumn Court. He also talked of Sorland (sp?), a leonine giant and a keeper of knowledge. Not surprisingly, he has some ties to Ioun.

Sensing something odd was afoot, as when we left the Harmonium the Dabus had the ruby-colored eyes of an albino, rather than the gray they normally sport. It seemed that perhaps something was affecting the Lady of Pain, ruler of Sigil, and we thought it might be the Queen of the Autumn Court, Silandra.

As we wandered we encountered many Zozatecs (sp?), hideous frog creatures who revel in chaos. There were also slods. The streets where savage and unpleasant. We trudged on though, and eventually reached the store of Allure, run by the gluttonous devil Veragon, who was interesting in the Rod of Many Parts. When he wasn’t too busy shoving full racks of lamb down his gullet, he did provide us with some information. He mentioned Sorland as perhaps knowing something. I also recall talk of a swordwing and Shemk, who had some tie to the meat shop at which Anders was an intern. Veragon also mentioned that there were lots of Autumn Court members in the Hive Ward of Sigil, amongst the riff-raff.

After we left, we found out that the Autumn Court had Sorland as a prisoner and were trying him in the Court of Transcendental Order. Naturally, we showed those fey what for. Huzzah, another victory!

Oris' Journal: Entry 2

After subduing several eladrin and the one named Devi, we continued towards the docks. This Devi seemed familiar to some of my companions. I proved myself extremely useful by communication with the dragon-kind. We used a clever ruse to contact the dragon leader, and were able to convince the Captain Morrow Dryden to give us passage on the fine and stalwart ship Boreas. The ship carried us up to the crumbling remains of a large temple in Sigil and we fought our way to the summit. It was here we faced the abomination, the Opener, the dreaded Mooncalf. It was a harrowing barrle, and several of the company were either subdued or perished. My experience in battle proved useful, and the divine light of Ilmater, blessed and praised, allowed us to defeat the monstrosity. It was quick a trip off that high precipice too, but thankfully there was a Ring of Feather Fall, or some such thing of arcane caprice, which ensured a safe descent to the surface of Sigil.

Oris' Journal: Entry 1

One would think I’d start remembering to keep track of things after hundreds of life times. Perhaps I did, but it takes a certain amount of forgetfulness to spur oneself to the onerous task of record keeping. Or perhaps, it is the loneliness of a doddering old man, hoping to express himself, that caused me to begin this record.

With the orphanage gone, almost all my ties to my own past have been ruthlessly severed. In this desperation, I have no choice but to ally myself with these soldiers of fortune who have recently employed me. They seem like an interesting lot, but are certainly a rough group, with questionable allegiances. Well, it can be said that bad company is better than no company at all, and this provides some direction and purpose for me.

On to events of the day:
We were leaving the Temple of Orcus, that odious realm of pigs, and were accosted by a party of eladrin. From here, my memory is hazy. The blood lust that arises in battle often has that effect on me. My main recollections are that there was something to do with Brillani of the Winter Court, which was linked to the mute skeleton psion, Bone Dog, a.k.a. Scraps, a.k.a. Big Baby Jesus, a.k.a. Dirt McGirt. If I could get him to talk, perhaps I could get an answer out of him. Maybe that squeaky goblin can help.


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