Rigby Relano

An ageless body hopping spirit, whose origins are tied to the creation of exisitence.


Currently: Capitalizing on the recent chaos of the Autumn Court, a formorian invasion mildly implemented by his party while he was imprisoned, Rigby has risen in station. By rallying the fey of the Autumn countryside, both the dispossessed and the wild fey, and making alliances with both the Sunken City and certain Dukes of the Hells, Rigby raised a force to retake the besieged land. During the campaign Rigby has enacted some terrible magics from the Book of Vile Darkeness on his person to remake his form more durable, and his spirit more protected as it was in the past. He has entered into the ranks of the undead as a lich.
Now poised on the brink of victory Rigby has preemptively crowned himself Coure and renamed his demesne the Twilight Court to reflect the new darker country he has visions of building. A chaotic and perhaps nightmarish landscape worthy of the most powerful fey, celebrating their freedoms, and their character with only loose but binding ties of obedience to their Coure Rigby Relano,

Currently Rigby operates at a fraction of his former power, formerly a Lord of a forgotten feywild court, and one of the 13th generals of creation. However, Rigby refused to take sides in the war of creation. He held to a dogma of nuetrality, “We Fey are tricksters and wildlings, the conflicts of good and evil, of order and chaos are neither our concern or responsibility.” The gods and fates took umbridge with his desicion and with a singular brutality Rigby had his very name ripped from himself, and from history. Bereft of a true understanding of himself, and with only the whisper of Rigby Relano to remind him who he was Rigby journeyed through they Feywild as a spectre, unable to remeber even the form of his flesh. Even without memory, without form Rigby was still a powerful force. The magic inherent in the spirit allowed him to inhabit the bodies of willing canidates. Rigby gained this consent with charm, promises, and guile, and over the many many years of his life he lived unncountable smaller lives. Similarly he collected the souls of his vicitims in clay jars which he stored in a massive vault in the feywild. However after joining with the party, while inhabiting the body of one of the original troop, James, Rigby was introduced to a tome. This tome was a complete recounting of Rigby’s life and deeds. This lengthy and arcane tome granted Rigby insight into his past, which in term began a process of remembering. As he relearned who he was Rigby also aroused the ire of the fates, who had bound him in the first place. However setting rules around a creature whose very essence is avoiding and challenging the rules is a chancey buisness, and Rigby eventually gained a true understanding of his name and power. The fates response was brutal and swift. Appearing before the fey they ripped his soul from his current shell and then tore it into a 1000 pieces and bound it to the plane of Mechanus. Where it resided untill his recent rescue, in part by a a group of adventurers, and in part by a spell he had set in place in case of such an event. That spell took the form of Loregan Biry, a shapeshifting spellcaster whose only goal in life was to free Rigby Relano. While some hold that Rigby Relano has fallen in status and rank, but Rigby himself views this transition as a fresh start, finally he is back in his own body. A new place to grow the legend and life of Rigby Relano. Certainly being in a party of powerful mortals, who are bound to his will and holding the Book of Vile Darkness is a fine place for the timeless creature.

Rigby Relano

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