Winston Sloane


Winston Sloane

Winston Sloane was born in Arcadia. He became the youngest Executor Commander in Arcadia at the age of thirteen. He was unknowingly responsible for the rise of Arcadia during The Child’s War the toll of the wars, and the lose of friends and family caused Winston to suffer a mental breakdown. He also known as the Butcher of Arcadia, or just the Butcher.

Childhood and The Academy

Like all children in Arcadia, Winston Sloane was entered into the Academy at age five. He was initially slated to enter the Mage School, like his parents, however due to his skill with Cyvasse he was placed into command school. Winston showed a remarkable ability with Cyvasse and was the first child at The Academy to leave command school with a perfect record.

During The Child’s War

At thirteen, Winston began military service. He was the chief commander during The Child’s War, unbeknownst to Winston, who thought he was merely playing Cyvasse, he was commanding Arcadia’s legions against rival kingdoms. It was during this time that he learned the true nature of his actions. Winston refused to take part anymore, as retribution his family were murder by the Lord Protector of Arcadia, Sir Phillip Macer and his best friend, Garrett Greenfield was imprisoned.

Prelude to The Phoenix Rebellion

Winston and Greenfield escaped one night and began to work with the rebel army. They managed to defeat Arcadia, but Garrett was poisoned with a poison that would turn him into a zombie. Before that happened Winston killed him.


The tolls of the deaths on his hands as well as the death of his friends and family caused Winston to have a mental breakdown. He went full on batshit and came to Sigil.

Winston Sloane

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